“One of the most serious thoughts that life provokes is the reflection that we can never tell, at the time, whether a word, a look, a touch, an occurrence of any kind, is trivial or important.”

-E.V. Lucas

There are still seats available for:

Day trip to New York City on June 6th, 2015

$60- includes driver tip

Leave T.R. Proctor HS at 6am, arrive approx.  11am in Bryant Park (NYC)

Leave Bryant Park (NYC) at 7:30pm, arrive approx.  Midnight at T.R. Proctor HS

Please note – this is open to all — not just UTA members!

If interested in reserving a seat, contact the UTA Office at 797-4088 or email uticateachers@gmail.com ASAP!


 The new rating system will be 50% student test scores and 50% observation.   Any teacher with ineffective test scores that is highly effective or effective at BEST will be rated developing.   I know some buildings have printed out the reforms as they stand now.  If you haven’t seen them let me know and we’ll get them to your building.

 Our fight now is to encourage PARENTS to opt their kids out of the state test.  NO DATA means NO RATING based on one test.  There are lots of myths about funding attached to tests… please become informed and visit OPTOUTCNY.     It is time for all of us to inform parents in our neighborhoods, at girlscouts, boyscouts, dance, gymnastics, etc to become informed.  CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE is our only measure at this point.  If parents opt out then maybe our Legislature will hear us.  Our students are more than test scores. (and so are we!!)

 There have been forums all around Central New York for the last two months, NYSUT President encouraged parents to opt their children out through the NEWS and there will be a full page ad in this Sunday’s Observer Dispatch to also encourage parents to OPT OUT.

 Your Union is doing everything that we can do and it is time for EVERYONE to talk to people in your life that are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, caregivers……. let them know to visit OPTOUTCNY and become informed in order to make their own choice.

 BOYCOTTS have worked for hundreds of years.   We need to continue to send the message to Albany that ONE test does not define a student OR a teacher!!!

“The power of a movement lies in the fact that it can indeed change the habits of people. This change is not the result of force, but of dedication, of moral persuasion.”

-Steve Biko